Imagine a situation when you are deprived of the best cuisines in the world just because you lost your teeth because of aging or some gum disease, and wearing dentures give you nightmares?

Isn’t it a horrifying situation? Yes, it is indeed. However, thanks to the immense development in cosmetic dentistry, the situation described earlier is just a fiction.

Today, you fix an appointment with your dentist, and he will give you the whole menu of options to replace your lost teeth.

Amongst the popular cosmetic dental procedures, dental implants are preferred by patients due to convenience and effectiveness.

What makes dental implants so lucrative?

Well, we have two major expectations from artificial teeth. Firstly, they should look as close as possible to the natural teeth. Secondly, they should be convenient to wear. Amazingly, dental implants fit perfectly on both of these criteria.

Here are five top benefits that keep dental implants distinctively ahead of others:

  • They appear absolutely natural: When you visit a cosmetic dental surgeon to inquire about dental implants, your foremost concern is about the look and feel of it. Yes, because dentures look awfully odd and they change the appearance.  Dental implants look absolutely natural (so natural that nobody would be able to recognize it unless YOU tell about it). Hence, people prefer them over other tooth replacement methods.
  • They don’t put any restrictions on eating: When you get dental implant work done from your dentist, rest assured that there will be NO restriction on your eating. Since implants are permanent replacement of your lost teeth, there is no risk of it coming out while you eat, speak or sneeze. Also, you enjoy the full freedom of eating moderately hard stuff. Of course, you should refrain from trying exceptionally hard or sticky food items.
  • Implants keep your jawbone in good shape: Missing teeth cause a long array of problems and the decay of jaw bone is the prominent one. When there is no tooth, jaw bone in that area doesn’t get any stimulation. Eventually, it shifts from the natural place. Since implants act just like the root of your natural teeth, jaw bone gets protection. Experts say that when jawbone breaks down, it interferes with the oral health. Also, it causes aesthetic deterioration as well. Implants get rid of all these problems.
  • They are long-lasting: When you get the implants done from your dentist, simply forget about it. Yes, the material used in implants is designed to give service for at least ten to fifteen years. Due to longevity and fewer hassles, implants are preferred by people who want a permanent solution for missing teeth. Less maintenance makes them profitable in the long run. The initial cost is pretty high, though.
  • You save the surrounding teeth: When there are intermittent gaps due to missing teeth, the surrounding teeth also get damaged. By applying good quality dental implants, you save the surrounding teeth from getting damaged.

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