If the alignment of your teeth gets affected, an orthodontist may suggest that you get braces to help restore the alignment of your teeth and make sure that they are sturdy enough so that your natural smile can come back at ease. However, even the best orthodontist in Pune or any other part of the country can’t completely take away the pain that you may have with braces.

The orthodontists at Sweet Smile Clinic, Pune provide a range of metal and ceramic braces to take care of your gums and bring back your smile. But the pain from such braces can be quite unbearable at times. Therefore parents must also be aware of how to reduce pain after getting braces tightened or when they get them for the first time.

Tips on How to Reduce Braces Pain:

1. Cold Water

Here is something that is almost always available in your home and can be a form of natural pain relief for braces. Right after coming back from the orthodontist, sipping on a glass of ice cold water can be really helpful. This numbs the mouth and some of the braces pain gets reduced.

2. Ice Pack

One more answer to the question: ‘how to ease new braces pain?’ can be – using an ice pack, especially right after the patient gets the braces. By inducing cold temperature and numbing, the mouth won’t feel too much pain and any sort of inflammation will lessen. All you have to do is apply the ice pack to the outside of the patient’s mouth.

3. Warm Rinse

Just like cold temperatures help reduce inflammation, one of the many tips for braces pain include gargling with warm salt water. The mouth may have some sores or cuts and a warm salt water rinse can help heal these and give relief to the gums too.

4. Soft Food

This is something that orthodontists advise you even before you actually get braces. If you want to know how to relieve pain from tightened braces, you must make sure to know the right kind of food to eat. Hard candy, gum and other foods that are hard to chew on should be avoided, especially when braces are new and after each tightening procedure. to know how to soothe braces pain, you could opt for softer foods such as soups, mashed potatoes or cereal.

5. Dental and Gum Hygiene

If you want to know how to get rid of pain from braces, then it’s important to keep dental hygiene in check. Brushing your teeth and gums softly, using mouth wash and flossing can be important if you want to know how to reduce braces pain. Food particles may get stuck in braces, which may lead to pain in the mouth and therefore this is really important.

6. Pain Medicine and Gels

Until now, you’ve read about how to relieve braces pain without medicine. But if you want to know how to relieve pain after braces tightening, then a pain medicine may be recommended prior to your appointment. This would reduce pain and discomfort, perhaps even post the procedure. Alternatively, rubbing an oral anesthetic gel on teeth can be a good option as well.

So, the next time you visit your dentist in Pune, especially at Sweet Smile Clinic, you can be given a number of handy suggestions for your dental hygiene and these pointers will also help patients understand how to get relief from braces pain.