Following the basic oral hygiene method is quite difficult than you think. When you forget them, the cleanliness of your teeth and overall oral hygiene gets affected. Here are 8 ways to keep them clean and white. Follow them before you fix an appointment with your dentist.

  • Always use good toothpaste: You might have heard that all toothpastes are the same and it hardly matters what brand you prefer. However, the quality of your toothpaste largely affects the cleaning quality and whiteness. Choose a brand that contains cleaning agents and whitening elements. That makes your teeth sparkling clean.
  • Use right toothbrush:  Yes, just like the toothpaste, you should mind the brush as well. Soft, ultra soft or medium; it all depends on your choice. However, avoid hard brushes as they damage the enamel. More than the toothbrush, it is brushing technique that makes the difference. Ask a good dentist in pune about what brush is suitable for your teeth?
  • Use right brushing technique: Experts say that the majority of the people do not follow right brushing technique. Yes, we learn it in the school, but like many other things, we forget it later in the life. Next time, when you visit the dental expert, get it refreshed once again. Incorrect brushing not only affects the appearance and brightness but also the cleaning quality.
  • Replace your toothbrush regularly: Yes, it should be followed religiously. Believe it, replacing the brush after four to five months is necessary for good oral hygiene and it is not a conspiracy to increase the toothbrush sale.
  • Dental floss, it is must for everyone: Though most of the people do not bother about it, flossing enhances oral hygiene in fact. It cleans the gaps between teeth and reduces the possibility of dental cavity. Good quality floss reduces the risk of gums infection largely, and it eliminates the problem of bad breath as well.
  • Mouthwash, use it occasionally: Mouthwash contains effective elements that reduce the probability of dental cavities. It also controls the bacterial growth which is one of the reasons of bad breath.
  • Get your teeth cleaned: Scaling, as it is popularly known, is very good for the cleanliness of your teeth. In spite of regular care, cement like substance gets deposited on the teeth. It pushes the gums and creates a gap between the base of the teeth and gums. These receding gums get infected and cause bad breath and falling of teeth. Hence, visit a Dentist regularly and get it cleaned.
  • You may choose teeth bleaching once in a while: Next time when you visit the dentist, ask whether it is good to opt for bleaching in your case? It is a painless process where doctor applies bleaching agents to make your teeth shining white. Of course, there are several factors that the dentists consider before choosing the method.

Remember, oral hygiene should be part of your lifestyle. Then only great results can be achieved!

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