Who doesn’t love to have spicy delicacies or sugary treats! These are ‘fun foods’ but they may not always be healthy for our teeth and gums. As dentists (and our parents) have told us all our lives, eating healthy food helps teeth stay healthy.

Let’s find out which is the right kind of food for healthy teeth and bones as well. Doctors and dental professionals suggest foods to strengthen teeth and gums because some sugary or starchy food items can affect oral hygiene.

How Does Food Impact Our Teeth?

Foods contain sugars that come into contact with the plaque that is on our teeth. The acidic properties of the food slowly impact the plaque and this can lead to tooth decay. If you visit your dentist in Pune or whichever part of the country you stay in, you may be advised to eat healthy food that can keep your oral hygiene in order.

This is especially seen with the professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic, Pune. They will inform you that sugary foods, sodas, candies and cookies can reduce the nutritional value of your diet in your mouth and this can lead to chances of infection. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have fruits, vegetables and whole grains and fibrous foods for a healthy mouth. By eating foods such as these, saliva is produced better, leftover food particles are removed from the teeth and therefore there are lesser chances of tooth decay.

Now, let’s find out what is the perfect diet for healthy teeth. Let’s list the food items, whole wheat products and the best fruit for teeth for example.

List of Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

1. Dairy Products

JYoghurt, cheeses, and milk help your mouth produce more saliva. Plus they are calcium foods for teeth, i.e. they provide a high level of calcium which can help strengthen your teeth and bones as well.

2. Leafy Vegetables

When someone asks you what are the best foods for dental health, vegetables seem to come to mind. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage contain vitamins and minerals and are high in calcium and folic acid. These turn out to be healthy for teeth and gums.

4. Green Tea

Unsweetened black tea or green tea has ingredients that help your teeth fight off plaque

5. Carrots

Just like green vegetables, carrots are considered as one of the foods to keep teeth healthy. That’s because they contain fibre, Vitamin C and Vitamin A and are a source of nutrition for your teeth.

6. Apples and Oranges

Fruits are a great source of fibre mainly because of the extra chewing that they require. Therefore they turn out to help produce more saliva and hence turn out to be helpful for your teeth and gums. Oranges contain Vitamin C which helps strengthen blood vessels and reduces the progression of gum disease.

7. Nuts

Nuts such as groundnuts or almonds are low in sugar, while being a good source of protein. Therefore they are considered as some of the best food for teeth health

8. Fish or Poultry

Being lean meats, they offer a rich source of protein and hence they can help teeth stay healthy for longer because of their nutritional value. Seafood is also a good source of fluoride and is hence considered as one of the good foods for healthy teeth.

By visiting Sweet Smile Clinic, Pune or a dentist in your locality, you can get the right kind of advice for eating the right food and beverages that keep your oral hygiene in perfect condition.