If you have ever had braces to improve the alignment of your teeth, you would know the look on your face when they’ve been removed and you’re smiling at yourself in the mirror! However, what happens when you notice something else about your teeth? A condition called ‘yellow teeth after braces’!

No need to worry, because there are many ways to whiten teeth after getting braces off.

Now, there may be many reasons why teeth get yellow after having had braces. The professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune can guide you on whether to have teeth whitening before or after braces treatment and any other information required.

Why Do Teeth Become Yellow after Wearing Braces?

Braces or dental treatments may not be the root cause of discolouration or yellowing. If your teeth have yellow stains after braces that may be because of these factors:

  1. Your teeth may have gone through wear and tear prior to, or during the procedure of alignment. That’s why you may be asking yourself: how to whiten teeth right after braces?
  2. Dental hygiene and good dietary habits go hand-in-hand. After getting braces, you would need to watch what food you eat because sugary, acidic or starchy foods or coffee, tea, soda or similar beverages can stain your teeth.

In such cases, your orthodontist can suggest how to whiten teeth after braces. Some patients may wonder how to whiten teeth while having braces but this is not always recommended by orthodontists. It is important to take some time from when braces are removed and teeth are whitened.

Braces’ Effect on Oral Hygiene

If patients are wondering how to get white teeth after braces, then orthodontists and professionals can help you out.

However patients having braces may find it difficult to brush or clean their teeth.

You may ask the question: how to whiten teeth while having braces? But the answer is to first ensure that oral hygiene is maintained.

If you are not brushing properly, especially after getting braces, then you may see a colourless, sticky film called plaque on the crevices. This usually forms after consuming certain forms of food or drink.

  1. Accumulation of plaque can pull the minerals from teeth.
  2. Whether the patient wants teeth whitening before or after braces, if he or she has plaque, then that can harden and form tartar
  3. Tartar can build up in teeth and mouth cavities as a crusty deposit and cause yellowing and staining of teeth

If you are wondering: do you get your teeth whitened after braces, then orthodontists will suggest that you can wait a few months before doing this. However, to maintain oral hygiene before getting this procedure would mean:

  1. Changing your brushing technique if you have brackets or braces in your teeth
  2. Brushing around the brackets and wires
  3. Making sure that you floss carefully to avoid plaque build-up

By visiting the professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune, teeth whitening cost in Pune or any other city can be determined. Your orthodontist in Pune or wherever you are located will use the right tools and techniques to get to the sensitive regions in your teeth.

You may ask: how to whiten teeth while having braces and you may be recommended ways to do this. However it is important to do this treatment around six months after your braces are removed. This is because having teeth whitened before braces are removed, can result in uneven shades on the person’s teeth.

Therefore, you can now know how to get rid of yellow teeth after braces.