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8 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Clean And White Through Proper Brushing

Following the basic oral hygiene method is quite difficult than you think. When you forget them, the cleanliness of your teeth and overall oral hygiene gets affected. Here are 8 ways to keep them clean and white. Follow them before you fix an appointment with your dentist. Always use good toothpaste: You might have heard […]

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Foods Suggested By Doctors To Prevent Tooth Decay

What is the most prominent reason for tooth decay, any guesses? Well, you are right. It is the lack of oral hygiene and over consumption of sweet stuff. When you eat food items that are too sweet and sticky, they form acid which damages the hard outer layer known as enamel. Plaque is a hard […]

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How can you make your smile flawless ?

Imagine a scenario when you are a budding actor with incredible acting talent and a superb personality. You have a good voice tone, and you can perform action scenes with quite well. However, one thing that spoils the whole camera presence of yours is your teeth. You have been blessed with not quite good teeth, […]

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10 Things You Must know Before Visiting a Dentist

Feeling nervous about seeking an advice from a dentist in pune? Don’t worry; dental treatment has become quite sophisticated and easy now. Keep these 10 things in mind before seeking an appointment. Is he a well-known dentist in Pune? As far as possible, meet a doctor that has been referred by somebody. Call the person […]

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