Imagine you’re enjoying a hot cup of tea, or beating the heat with a nice scoop of your favourite ice-cream. What happens when this pleasant experience becomes a painful one? This may be one of the causes of tooth sensitivity.

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity, also known as dental sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity occurs when a patient feels pain or discomfort in the teeth. This may happen as a response to eating hot or cold food, for example.

Patients may feel the presence of sensitive gums all of a sudden or sensitivity on one tooth or several teeth. It may be a temporary problem or a chronic issue.

If you feel this kind of pain, you may want to visit your dentist in Pune or the city that you are residing in. Your dental professional may explain to you the reason of sensitivity in teeth and may prescribe you medicines or important methods to keep your oral hygiene intact.

Some people have teeth sensitive to hot and cold all of a sudden, and this sensitivity can be triggered due to certain factors. These may include:

  • Hot or cold food items or beverages.
  • Cold water – this especially happens when you may have gone for a dental procedure such as a root canal treatment in Pune or any other part of the country.
  • Sweet food or beverages
  • Using an alcohol-based mouthwash rinse

There are many causes of tooth pain and sensitivity. It can start to happen when the dentine becomes exposed. This is the soft inner part of the tooth which lies under the enamel and gums.

The trigger that we mentioned (hot or cold beverage) may stimulate nerves inside the tooth and could be one of the causes of sudden tooth sensitivity. 

Causes of Sudden Sensitivity:

  • Wear and Ear to the Enamel: The hard outermost surface of the tooth may undergo gradual decay.
  • Tooth Grinding: This could be another reason of sensitivity in teeth. This wears down enamel and can expose underlying dentine material.
  • Brushing too Hard: By brushing too hard or too frequently, there is a chance that you may get sensitive gums all of a sudden.
  • Acidic Erosion Because of Beverages: Fruit juices, carbonated drinks, sharp tasting liquids such as black tea or black coffee are all acidic in nature. Over time, these can cause the enamel to wear down and therefore lead to sensitivity. This makes teeth sensitive to hot and cold all of a sudden.
  • Gum Problems: One of the causes of sudden tooth sensitivity could be wear and tear that has occurred to the gums. Ageing of the gums or long-term diseases such as gingivitis can also lead to sensitivity.
  • Build-Up of Plaque: Your dentist in Pune or any other city or town, may advise you to keep brushing regularly so that the plaque that forms after eating can be removed. If there is more build-up of plaque, the enamel in your teeth can wear off, and be one of the causes of tooth sensitivity.

These are a few causes of tooth pain and sensitivity. You must know that sensitivity in teeth is treatable. While going in for procedures such as a root canal treatment in Pune, your dentist will advise you how to keep your teeth from getting affected by sensitivity. The professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic have a range of treatments available for sensitive teeth and will provide you with all kinds of help in terms of good oral hygiene.