Your smile is probably the best accessory you can sport at any time. Most of us do not have that perfect smile for a lot of reasons though. Some may have crooked teeth while some have overcrowding of teeth. In extreme cases, there could be altogether absence of front teeth either naturally or a loss due to an accident. However, there is no need to suffer and for that smile to be affected. Cosmetic dentistry provides solutions to all of these in several ways:

Orthodontic treatment: This one can correct many a flaw. It could be crooked or crowded teeth or may be too large gap between teeth. The orthodontic procedures realign teeth to form an even looking dental structure and it improves your smile to a great extent.

Composite fillings: These are the fillings that restore a natural appearance of your tooth. In case your front teeth need restoration, this may be the best way to go, advises an expert cosmetic dentist in Pune. Because they are tooth coloured, they can be matched with the existing shade and are aesthetically a better solution than anything else. Among these too, the nano hybrid variety may be the best choice.

Dental laminates: This is another solution to improve the appearance of teeth. They can be used to correct the crowding of teeth, small spaces in teeth or even decayed teeth. These laminates are super thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials intended to cover the front surface of teeth. These shells are then attached to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length. Naturally, these also cost more than the composite fillings.

Zirconia crowns: Orthodontic treatments although effective, do take time. In some cases, the patient can not wait for so long and want immediate relief and result. If there is severe crowding of teeth hampering the dental function or even severe tooth decay, Zirconia crowns may be used due to their superior strength, durability and aesthetic value, opine the experts in cosmetic dentistry in Pune.

Getting that beautiful smile is even easier now with all these tools at your disposal. For thorough advice and best cosmetic dentist in Pune, look no further than Sweet Smile dental clinic!