If you are suffering from loose or ill-fitted dentures and have been experiencing pain, then you must consult a dentist near you. The most commonly suggested solution might be a dental adhesive, but dental implants shall work better in a longer run. Ask your dentist for an implant. Try it out!

Are you experiencing specific changes in the way your teeth are placed in your jaw? Or do your teeth feel a little shaky when you touch them?
My friend, you might be a victim of loose dentures. Loose dentures are a situation when the teeth become out of place from the socket or the grooves in your gum. To check it for yourself, rinse your mouth thoroughly before looking inside. Using your fingers, gently push one or two of your teeth forward or backwards. If you feel there is a slight movement which feels unusual or new, you should consult a dentist. You can also check with your tongue by pushing gently at the base of your tooth. Sometimes you may also experience pain or have difficulty eating.

This issue of loose teeth is usually seen in older people which occurs most commonly due to a process known as bone reabsorption. In bone reabsorption, the gums might shrink due to them losing the ability to hold your teeth properly. As you age, the gums in your mouth start losing their girth, which leads to ill-fitted or slipping teeth. When you consult a dentist for this issue, a dental adhesive is a possible solution suggested by the doctor. You can also ask a dentist for your dental implant in Pune.

Although dental adhesives can be pretty easy to access and use, they come with certain limitations. These adhesives stick to the tissues of your gum and hold your teeth in one position. But, over time, these adhesives tend to wear off and are often reported to cause complications in cases with loose or ill-fitted dentures. We suggest you to stop using dental adhesives immediately. Go for a dental implant in Pune if you develop any of the symptoms listed below,

  • Open cuts or sores
  • Swelling and irritation.

To solve this issue faced by most of our older adults, a procedure known as dental implants were introduced in 1965 by an orthopedic surgeon who used a titanium implant. This was the first time someone had introduced that idea. With time, this has improved and has become readily available and cheaper to afford. Call up your nearest dentist to get your dental implant in Pune.

Dental implants work perfectly for those who might have lost their teeth to decay or have a broken tooth. These are made of titanium, which is carved into the shape of your teeth and fir in your jaw. This is a better alternative than adhesives as these stay for a long time. The success rates for these dentures are quite high, i.e., up to 95%.

There isn’t any out of the way care required after a dental implant. You need to keep flossing regularly and maintain a healthy hygiene regime. If you think there is an issue with your teeth, do not shy away from consulting a dentist. Call your nearest dentist for a dental implant at the soonest!