Dental Implants in Pune

Dental Implant Pune

Do you have a missing tooth?

We offer dental implants in Pune using all latest technologies but at an affordable price. We offer Conventional Dental Implants Procedure which is a long procedure taking 2-6 months’ time to settle down. We also provide Immediate Dental Implants where in if bone condition and density are favourable dental implants can be placed soon after tooth extraction.

Dental Implants in PuneThen you are very much in need of a Dental implant surgery in Pune. In the dental implant procedure, the root portion of the missing tooth is replaced with a painless procedure.

If you don’t wish to invest so much time in a dental treatment then to shorten the time of the treatment some patients opt for Immediate Loaded Dental Implants procedure. In this, a temporary or permanent prosthesis is placed immediately during the same treatment visit. Which forms the basis of “TOOTH IN AN HOUR” concept which is widely being used by a dentist.

Dental Implants in Chinchwad Dental Implants in puneThere is no question of being worried if you are suffering from a sinus problem. We offer a dental implant procedure for this called as “Sinus Lift” where bone grafts are placed on the floor of the sinus to increase the bone volume. We boast with pride that this procedure has a high success rate.

Dental Implants: A Perfect Solution for a Missing Tooth

The first instinct that works when you are suffering from a toothache is to remove the tooth. The only concern that bothers you is the gap that would be formed due to the removal of that tooth. Well, the perfect solution for such situations is dental implants. What are dental implants? A dental implant is something close to a titanium post. This placed in the jawbone (below the gum line) surgically. The dentist fixes the artificial tooth on this post. Not just for a missing tooth, dental implants can also benefit the general oral health. The best part about dental implants is that they do not need to be anchored on other teeth.

Dental implants are relatively simple. They get infused in your jawbone and provide a stable support for the artificial tooth. The dental process of implants can be relatively easy and hassle-free if you choose the right dental clinic. Every city nowadays has several dental implants clinics. Some of them provide good services at an extremely affordable price. You will also find a dentist in Pune. Dr. Sandeep Bhirud’s is one of the good dentists in Pune that provides great dental implant services at a reasonable cost. Sweet Smile indeed ensures that you truly can have the pleasure of having a sweet smile.

Sweet Smile carries out the dental implants in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune using some of the latest technologies used in oral procedures. The clinic provides both traditional implant services as well as instant ones. While the traditional implant procedure is a long drawn process spanning over a period of two to six months, the instant implant can be carried out immediately after the tooth extraction if the density of your jawbone is good.

Sweet Smile knows the value of your perfect smile and provides services that help you to retain your natural smile. They also carry out a procedure called immediate loaded dental implant procedure whereby, prosthesis (permanent or temporary) is placed during the implant procedure. This process takes around an hour and is getting increasingly popular among patients.

Sweet Smile Dental is carried out by cosmetic surgeons to give their patients a natural look. Sweet Smile closely works with their patients to ensure that they get the look that they have always dreamt of. The surgeons explain all the procedures to the patients that help them take the best decision.

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