Fees And Cost Analysis

Cost Of Dental Treatments In Pune

When it comes to dental treatment the most of us are concerned with the cost or price of dental treatment and make decisions accordingly. We at Sweet Smile Dental give special attention to your dental needs and have an open approach to finances. We take you through multiple treatment options and costs to find the right solution for you while providing advanced dental treatment in Pune at affordable costs.

Feel free to browse through the standard costs of some of the treatments and services we provide at our dental clinics in Pune. Global friends who plan to visit India for a dental treatment can check these treatment costs as well for best one-stop feasible services.

Name of Treatment Charges
Consultation ₹ 500/-
Consultation fees with full mouth/ Digital OPG X-Ray ₹ 800/-
Digital IOPA X-Ray cost ₹ 400/-
Full mouth Digital OPG X-Ray ₹ 600/-
Scaling and polishing (cost of full mouth teeth cleaning depending on severity of stains and tartar) ₹ 1800/- to ₹ 5000/-
Cost of tooth fillings in Composite (depending upon surface involved and size of the cavity) ₹ 1200/- to ₹ 4000/-
Root Canal treatment cost (RCT) ₹ 7000/- to ₹ 10,000/- per tooth
Wisdom tooth Root Canal treatment cost ₹ 10,000/- to ₹ 12,000/- per tooth
Post and core cost ₹ 4000/- to ₹ 6000/-
Crowns/ Caps/ Bridges Metal
• (Ni-Cr)
• (Cr-Co)
• (CAD-CAM technique)
₹ 5500/- per unit
₹ 7000/- per unit
₹ 9000/- per unit
Crowns/Caps/Bridges Ceramic
• (porcelain fused to metal)
• (CAD-CAM technique)
₹ 8000/- per unit
₹ 10,000/- per unit
Full Zirconia crowns
• (economical)
• (Branded- 3M/Ivoclar/Zenostar/LAVA)
• (LAVA Premium)
₹ 12,000/- per unit
₹ 15,000/- per unit
₹ 20,000 to ₹ 25,000
Zirconia crowns ceramic with layering
• (economical)
• (Branded- 3M/Ivoclar/Zenostar/LAVA)
• (LAVA Premium)
₹ 11,000/- per unit
₹ 15,000/- per unit
₹ 20,000 to ₹ 25,000
Dental Laminates/Crowns cost E-max ₹ 10,000/- per unit
Dental inlays – Full metal
• (Ni-Cr)
• (Zirconia)
₹ 5000/- per unit
₹ 9000/- per unit
Full mouth Laser Gum curettage cost ₹ 10,000/- full mouth
Dental bleaching cost (Home bleach) ₹ 5000/- full mouth
Laser Dental bleaching (single arch) ₹ 8000/-
Laser Dental bleaching (Full mouth) ₹ 12,000/-
Complete dentures
• (Normal acrylic)
• (Fibre acrylic)
• (Lucitone)
• (B.P.S)
₹ 30,000/-
₹ 35,000/-
₹ 40,000/-
₹ 50,000/-
Dental Implants cost
• Myriad
• (Semi- Premium) – Noble replace
• Osstem
• Biohorizon
• (Premium) – Nobel Active

₹ 30,000/-
₹ 40,000/-
₹ 35,000/-
₹ 35,000/-
₹ 50,000/-
Full mouth Hybrid Denture cost (Implant retained fixed teeth) ₹ 40,000/-per arch
Sinus lift procedures (Direct) (Additional charges for Bone Graft-if needed) ₹ 25,000/-
Sinus lift procedures (Indirect) (Additional charges for Bone Graft-if needed) ₹ 20,000/-
Extraction (Mobile Tooth) ₹ 1000/-
Extraction Normal Tooth ₹ 1500/-
Extraction Firm Tooth ₹ 3000/-
Extraction (Difficult) ₹ 4000/- to ₹ 6000/-
Wisdom Tooth Extraction ₹ 8000/- to ₹ 20,000/- (Dependency on Severity)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does teeth whitening cost in Pune?

Teeth Whitening Cost in Pune depends on severity of stains. The cost of scaling and teeth polishing starts from 1200/- and it may go upto 4000/- depending on tooth condition, product used and dentist charges.

2. Is teeth whitening permanent? How long does the effect last?

Effect of Teeth whitening in Pune at Sweet Smile Dental Clinic remains for around 2 years. It varies depending on the care taken after the teeth whitening procedure. This procedure is not permanent and has to be performed periodically.

3. How much does root canal treatment cost in Pune?

At Sweet Smile Dental Clinic, root canal treatment costs around Rs.5000 to Rs 8,000. The root canal treatment cost in Pune consists of teeth root cleaning cost and Crown/ Cap cost. This cost depends on various factors and may vary depending on the patient's need.

4.How painful is a Root Canal Treatment in Pune?

Dr. Sandeep Bhirud is the most preferred dentist in Pune. He does the root canal treatment very softly and painlessly. Since this treatment is performed under local anesthesia & antibiotics, it is not painful nowadays. Once root canal treatment is done properly it can last for a lifetime.

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