Root Canal Treatment in Pune

Root Canal in Pune

root canal treatment cost in pune root canal treatment cost in pune

There are many clinics for root canal treatment in Pune, however, one of the best for root canal treatment is Sweet Smile dental clinic. A root canal treatment is a long drawn process and it is very sensitive. Hence you need reputed dental clinics that have good certified dentists who have good record experience in root canal treatment.

Do you have cracked tooth

No need to worry if your doctor suggests you to go for root canal treatment. It is prescribed to treat damaged or diseased tooth. Each year we save hundreds of teeth by suggesting Root Canal Treatment in Pune, relieving people of pain.
Dr. Sandeep Bhirud is the most preferred dentist in Pune . A properly done root canal with a cap can last for a lifetime and we are the experts of root canal treatment in Pune city and Pimpri Chinchwad.

The basic about the Root Canal Treatment

Root canal refers to the inner parts of your tooth—between the pulp and roots. They contain blood vessel and nerves and are an integral part of your any tooth. If these parts are infected due to some reason, it causes a lot of pain and that is when you need a root canal treatment. Root canal pain has different causes like:

  • Decay that has managed to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and reach the pulp.
  • Damage such as cracks in the teeth can compel the teeth to decay and thereby cause a lot of pain.
  • A disease that affects the pulp can again cause a lot of pain. These can be caused due to some dental procedures performed on the tooth, the decay that has set in due to infection, cracks in the tooth and large fillings.

When the infection in the tooth reaches the pulp, most dentists recommend a root canal treatment.

As root canal treatment is a multiple steps procedure (from removing the infected part of the pulp to sealing it to protect against further decay), it requires more than one session. If not done by a seasoned dentist, it can also be a source of pain for you. Sweet Smile is one dental clinic in Pune that can vouch for the fact that their dentists cause negligible pain as they use the latest state of the art technologies to carry out the procedures.

Root canal treatment cost in Pune can be quite expensive burning a hole in your pocket. In fact, it is more expensive than tooth removal or dental implants. However, the cost will surely vary based on the severity of the infection in your pulp. Sweet Smile is one of the best dental clinics in Pune as they do not charge a whopping fee for this treatment, in spite of using the best and latest technologies and having some of the most experienced dentists performing the treatment on you.

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