No other tooth replacement option has the success rate as high as the Dental Implants. Practiced for over 50 years in the field of dentistry, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, and hence they are worth all the investment.

What are Dental Implants?

Natural tooth comprises of – the root portion, that is part of the tooth in the bone and the crown. Dental Implants in Pune replace the root of lost tooth followed by placing an additional portion that extends above the gum line and supports the crown, bridge or denture.

Steps in the Implant Process

Consultation Appointment – To know about Dental Implants in Pune book an appointment with your dentist. Discuss with your dental issues with your doctor. If your dentist prescribes, take some diagnostic x-rays. Not everyone can have a dental implant as there needs to be a certain amount of bone available to support an implant. The dentists in Pune make it a point to check to see how much bone volume and density is left. Incase of deficient bone levels, bone regeneration procedure is recommended to restore bone to an area.

Referral – Incase your dentist does not undertake a Dental Implant in Pune, they will arrange a referral to another dental clinic that does.

Diagnostic Appointment – Only once your initial consultation is done, the dentist will decide the type of dental implant that would suit your needs and take additional x-rays for precise measurements. After which the two main surgical dental implant procedures spanning over 4-6 months apart will be performed.

Follow Up Visits are mandatory – Dentists who conduct dental implant surgeries in Pune, recommend that your Dental Implants are to be cared for as the natural teeth. It is important that regular dental re-care visits are ensured for implant success. Follow-ups allow the dentist to evaluate the stability and health of the implant, along with bone and gum. Hence it is advised that you choose a dentist close to your residence.

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