If you want a great body, stay away from junk food. True. But being fat is not the only result of junk food. Even though it may sound surprising to you, your teeth are the ones to suffer the worst due to your junk food habits. And why is that ? After speaking to experts from several dental clinics in Pune, here is the answer:

Junk food, it may be Pizza, Burgers, instant noodles or chocolates, are all extremely rich in carbohydrates. Carbs are most easily converted into glucose by the body, but they are also the easiest to ferment. The bacteria residing in our mouth start their work of fermentation immediately after we have eaten something.

As carbs and sugar are the easiest to ferment, they quickly turn acidic, which in turn attacks the tooth itself, building cavities inside it. Once a tooth has cavities, it is even more susceptible to the food getting stuck inside it and it leads to a vicious cycle which ultimately results in a lot of cavities, and deteriorating dental health.

So now that we know this, what is to be avoided and why?

  1. Food that is instant, fried, full of fat: For the reasons mentioned above.
  2. Aerated drinks: They contain huge amount of sugar, did you know that? And even if you go for the ‘diet-version’, they still contain acids which erode the tooth enamel.
  3. Alcohol: Okay, so you say this has no sugar content? It does. And for the stronger drinks, they contain the enamel-eroding acids. So it may not be as destructive as an aerated drink, but taken regularly or in large quantities, it causes horrible damage. For better teeth, keep your alcohol frequency in check.

Unfortunately, the sweets get highlighted as troublesome to the dental health. But exposure to these other foods and drinks can be even more dangerous, warns a good dentist in Pune.

A good dental care routine is absolutely necessary, and the first step would be cleaning your teeth often. One should ideally clean the teeth after every instant of eating, to avoid the fermentation process. And importantly, it is essential to regularly visit your dentist who can then examine you thoroughly.

Good dental care begins with yourself. And for everything else, from the best services to the best dentist in Pune, Sweet Smile is always there for you!