What is the most prominent reason for tooth decay, any guesses? Well, you are right. It is the lack of oral hygiene and over consumption of sweet stuff. When you eat food items that are too sweet and sticky, they form acid which damages the hard outer layer known as enamel.

Plaque is a hard substance that gets accumulated in the bottom of the teeth. It grows on the enamel and further produces acids which create small cavities or holes in the teeth.

Most of the times, people ignore all these things and meet an expert dentist when the things go beyond control.

What can prevent tooth decay?

Well, as mentioned earlier, taking good care of your teeth is one of the effective ways of preventing tooth decay. However, research shows that there are certain food items that can control it quite well. If you don’t want to meet a dentist with a severely paining tooth, then start eating all this.

  • Apple: They say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Yes, dentists are also included in it. Apple stimulates the saliva flow. Due to access saliva, bacteria level gets reduced drastically. Moreover, when you chew apple, it reduces the plaque deposit.
  • Cheese: You must be wondering that how ca cheese prevent tooth decay? However, it has been found that milk products like cheese promote better oral health because of their high content of calcium. Also, cheese contains less sugar.
  • Studies indicate that cheese raises the pH level in the mouth. Hence, it prevents cavities. When there is more saliva produced after consuming cheese, it makes the enamel hard.
  • Sugar-Free Chewing Gum: Again, it is a surprise for many of the readers. We have heard quite a lot bad things about chewing gums. They increase cavities and also damage the outer layer of teeth. However, sugar-free chewing gum can create miracles to your oral health. Especially, chewing gums that contain Xylitol can do wonders. It fights cavity-causing bacteria and reduces plaque built-up.

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards cosmetic dentistry. However, they should be more concerned about the fundamental oral hygiene. If your teeth are free from plaques and cavities, then only cosmetic treatment can do wonder.

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