When it comes to chocolate, it is a confusing scenario out there. Almost all young parents do not want their kids to eat chocolates, and yet chocolate is hailed as an ultimate feel-good factor inducing solution all around us. So what is the deal? Should you eat chocolate? Is it really bad? An experienced and good dentist in Pune has to say the following about this.

The answer unfortunately, is Yes. Chocolate is bad for your dental health, unless you take a certain precautions. Chocolates, or for that matter any sweets are full of sugar and carbohydrates. While carbs are most easily converted into glucose by the body, they are also the easiest to ferment. Millions of bacteria residing in our mouth start their work of fermentation immediately after we have eaten anything.

As carbs and sugar are the easiest to ferment, they quickly turn acidic, which in turn attacks the tooth itself. The poor tooth reacts to the acid and cavities start building inside it. Once a tooth has cavities, it is even more susceptible to the food getting stuck inside it and it leads to a vicious cycle which ultimately results in a lot of cavities, and deteriorating dental health.

So is this dentist in Pune saying that you should never eat chocolates? Of course not. You can eat as many as you want, as long as you brush your teeth immediately after having it or at least as early as possible after eating to prevent this acid formation. There is still a chance that your teeth have fallen prey to the cavities. It is therefore essential to visit your dentist regularly to check and treat your cavities before they go too deep.

And keep your kids away from chocolate as far as possible, advise all the dental clinics in Pune or any other city. You may also think of getting fluoride applied on their teeth twice a year. Fluoride toughens the dental enamel and it then becomes difficult for the acid to attack the teeth.

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