What are dental implants?

This is a treatment where metal posts or frames are surgically positioned into your jawbone. It helps you to get healthy, natural teeth and the confidence to carry out your daily activities like eating, laughing, smiling easily. There are many dentists who offer quality dental implants in Pune.

What is the procedure?

Dental implants in Pune are artificial tooth roots, which look exactly like screws. These are placed in the jawbone where they bond with your natural bone and create a sturdy base for supporting artificial teeth, known as crowns. This treatment is the strongest because they allow new teeth to feel and function naturally.

How to match the colour of the crown with your natural teeth?

Dentists carrying out the dental implants in Pune analyze your tooth colour using shade guides and then choose the perfect match which will make your dental implant look real.

How do dental implants work with your existing teeth?

Dental implants in Pune are placed at the correct depth and distance from the adjacent teeth. If this is done correctly, natural looking papillae will form which are commonly known as the gums.

The dental implant process in Pune is relatively easy and hassle-free if you choose the right dentist. Sweet Smile Dental Clinic is a highly advanced clinic, located in a prime location in Pune with highly experienced and proficient dentists. Sweet Smile indeed ensures that you truly have the pleasure of having a sweet smile through dental implants in Pune.

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