Keeping oral hygiene and well-being is important, however sometimes oral cavities may also have alignment problems. This could include misshapen teeth or jaws especially for people in their growing years or even adults.

Then, alignment may be advised by your dental professional, especially with the aid of braces, retainers or other dental devices. This can help reduce tension on the jaws and teeth and also decrease the possibilities of cavities occurring in the mouth.

You may be asking the question: how long does orthodontic treatment take? The time that orthodontic treatments take can differ from patient to patient.

But one of the major forms of treatment suggested for teeth straightening is: braces!

How Do Dental Braces Work?

Dental braces basically shift a patient’s teeth to the right position and alignment. Orthodontists and professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune or any other dental clinic may recommend one of these – metal, traditional, invisible or ceramic braces.

Metal braces or traditional braces are bonded as metal brackets to each affected tooth. A dental wire is then moved through each bracket and is tightened so that the teeth can be moved to their right position. 

In the case of invisible or ceramic braces, clear aligner trays are placed in the patients’ teeth to shift them towards proper alignment. These trays however are not bonded with the teeth. Therefore you can remove them while eating food or while brushing.

Along with giving you advice on how long do braces take to straighten teeth, your orthodontist can also suggest ways to take care of your teeth so that the treatment takes lesser time.

The Teeth Straightening Process

As a patient looking to get teeth straightening you may be wondering: how long do you have to wear braces? Let’s get a breakdown of how the teeth straightening process happens.

  • The patients’ teeth and jaws are assessed and a teeth straightening treatment is suggested.
  • You may ask your orthodontist: how much time does it take for braces to work? The professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune or any other dental clinic will tell you that this will vary between a few months.
  • If you have been recommended clear or invisible braces, the aligner trays will be made.
  • After fitting your dental braces in the first session, you will be advised about good oral hygiene, the right way to brush your teeth, and reducing discomfort.
  • Over the next few weeks, you will be asked to return for follow-up treatments for example, for tightening dental braces
  • Patients may be wondering: how long do we have to wear braces? The orthodontist may specify the amount of time that will take.
  • After your braces are removed, you may even be asked to wear a retainer for a number of months, so that teeth alignment remains.

Why Does Teeth Straightening Take Time?

  • Since this procedure involves your teeth being shifted from their earlier position or ensuring that your jaw is aligned in the proper manner, this is a time-consuming process.
  • If you as a patient are wondering: how long does it take braces to straighten teeth, then you must know that when setting the alignment of your teeth, gentle force is applied. This force has to be applied gradually over some time to make the process as pain-free as possible.

If you are wondering how long does it take braces to work, then the best orthodontist in Pune or any other city will tell you that this also changes based upon how severe the correction is that has to be done.