Toothaches can be painful. However, for many patients the next painful thought that comes to mind is: what if my dentist suggests a root canal treatment? Most of us would of course wonder how long does it take for a root canal procedure and start calculating how many visits we would need to do. Let’s understand why root canal procedures are prescribed by our dental professional and we may be able to get a better idea of this.

When Do I Require a Root Canal?

Your dentist in Pune or any other part of the country can tell you that if tooth decay is not treated in early stages, it goes deeper into the tooth and root and canals of the tooth get affected. This can also happen when your tooth suffers an injury because at that point, tooth pulp becomes non-vital and needs to be taken out of the teeth before infections can occur.

This leads to excruciating and sharp pain in the patients’ teeth and root canal procedures may be recommended. Then, the dentist cleans out the pulp using instruments and formulated materials. After this, the root canal is shaped and accessed to clear out any infection, bacteria or other decaying material that is remaining. This root canal treatment in Pune or any other part of the country may sound like it takes only one sitting. 

But since we are wondering ‘how many visits does a root canal take’, let’s find out why multiple visits are required.

How Many Multiple Visits Does the Root Canal Take?

  • There may be at least 2 or 3 visits required. Let’s find out why.
  • One reason is that the teeth and surrounding tissues may not have become completely free of bacteria and decay even after the first sitting.
  • Many visits may be required because the entire procedure can be tiring for the patient to sit through in one sitting. 
  • When people give the answer to ‘how long does a root canal procedure take’ as two or three visits, this is because an antibiotic may be prescribed for 3 to 5 days to help reduce bacterial levels before the second visit.
  • Sometimes patients may be required to have a second visit after 5 to 7days to have a final anti-bacterial cleaning session. An inert material is placed in the root canal and the canal is sealed. 
  • One more reason for multiple visits would be restoring tooth functionality and strength with the aid of a cap or crown on the affected tooth. 

What to Do if the Root Canal Treatment Fails?

There are cases when root canal treatments fail. The root canal treatment cost in Pune or where you are located may include keeping this in mind that multiple visits may be required.

Here are some of the reasons why root canal may fail:

  • The procedure was incomplete.
  • The root canals were not cleaned or sealed adequately.
  • If the tooth fractured, saliva may seep into the tooth that has been given treatment.
  • If the tissues around the tip of the root canal is not healed properly.
  • Poor oral hygiene by the patient.

So, how long does it take to do a root canal? The dental professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune can offer you these examples and consultation for why root canal procedures would take at least 2 or 3 visits. Therefore, you can be assured of the right kind of treatment for root canal procedures and ensure good dental health.