It is true that prevention is better than cure. Good orthodontists always list ways and methods that would help you maintain your oral hygiene, protect tooth enamel and maintain a healthy denture. In this blog, we have listed daily routine tips that can help you protect your teeth from damage.

1. Brush Twice a Day for Two Minutes

ADA recommends that you should brush your teeth not more than two minutes, twice a day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth and tongue and get rid of food and bacteria from the mouth.

2. Brush in the Morning to Fight Bad Breath

Warm and wet mouth is packed with food particles and bacteria. These particles cause plaque. When plaque builds up, it hardens to form tartar/ calculus. Tartar irritates your gums and is a prime cause of bad breath. Hence brush your teeth in the morning to get rid of the plaque that builds up overnight.

3. Avoid Over Brushing

If you brush extensively, for longer than four minutes in total, your protective teeth enamel could wear down extensively. In the absence of tooth enamel, a layer of dentin is exposed. Tiny holes on Dentin lead to nerve endings. When these are triggered, it might cause tremendous pain.

4. Don’t Brush Too Hard

Orthodontist in Pune recommends that you should brush your teeth like polishing an eggshell. Avoid applying too much pressure, as it might harm the enamel extensively.

5. Floss Every Day

Avoid minimal scraping at your next checkup with your Orthodontist in Pune by flossing daily. Flossing loosens the particles missed during brushing. It also eliminates plaque and prevents tartar buildup.

6. There’s No Rule for Flossing and Brushing

According to the ADA, you can floss first and then brush or vice versa. The only thumb rule is that you need to do both daily.

7. Sip All Day, Get Decay

It was a famous campaign from the Minnesota Dental Association that warned people about soda drinks. Both sugar and diet soda is harmful to the teeth. The acid in soda attacks teeth and eats enamel. Once the enamel layer is compromised, it creates cavities, stains the tooth surface, and erodes the tooth internally. Thus, Orthodontists in Pune also prescribe that to avoid tooth decay, limit soft drinks.

Healthy Teeth = Sweet Smile

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