We somehow always think that a visit to the dental clinic is an adult things to do. The kids anyways are going to lose their first set of teeth, so what is the hurry to take them to the dental clinic?

Well, we could not be more wrong. ‘Catch them young’ is the way to go when it comes to caring for your kids’ pearly whites. Pediatric dental visits can start from as early as one year. In fact, many dentists advise that you take your child to the dental clinic around his or her first birthday. Even if the first set of teeth is going to go away, examining them early can often lead to a discovery of potential dental problems, if any.

Visiting the dental clinic regularly is also equally important. This ensures good oral hygiene and prevents the tooth decay. And while a regular dental clinic in the vicinity may suit you initially, it is recommended that you look for the best dentist in Pune and other such big cities, who specializes in the pediatric dental practice. The pediatric dentist has specific knowledge of dental problems correlating with the growth stages of the kids. For ex. The effects of pacifier or bottle on the development of teeth can be best predicted by a pediatric dental specialist.

The setup of a dental clinic in Pune or Paris wherever may be intimidating for the kids, with big chairs and instruments. It is however important to get the kids used to a dental checkup from early on. The comforting demeanor of the specialised pediatric dentist may help achieve this.

Additionally, the best dentist is the one who does think that prevention is better than cure. The teeth development at a young age often depends upon what the kids eat too. The specialised pediatric dentist will issue dietary guidelines for the kids, so that both first and permanent teeth develop well.

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