The perfect smile is what all of us want. However, in some individuals, this perfect smile may be disrupted by a gap between two teeth, especially the ones in front. There’s no need to get too stressed about it, because this gap forms gradually thanks to a number of factors. You may wonder how to close the gap between teeth naturally. To find the answer to this, it’s important to know how these gaps occur between teeth.

As children grow up and develop permanent teeth, there are many instances of a gap being formed. Among adults, it is possible that a midline gap occurs due to a particular habit. Dental clinics in Pune or any other part of the country would have specialists helping adults and children reduce these gaps but first, it’s important to know how these gaps occur.

What Causes Gap in Teeth?

  1. One or more teeth may be missing
  2. Some teeth may be smaller than the other teeth in the mouth cavity
  3. Some people have a habit of sucking their thumbs.
  4. If a person has not maintained their gums or have contracted gum disease.

When patients notice the gaps in their teeth that may have occurred due to one or many of these reasons, they may consult an orthodontist in Pune or the city they stay in. Sweet Smile Clinic Pune brings to you a range of treatments that can help patients get best-in-class teeth repair. But there may be cases when patients want to know how to fill gaps in teeth at home. If you have ever had a question like this, read on to know what steps can be taken.

How to Fix the Gap between Front Teeth?

  • First of all, it’s important to not wonder how to close the gap between teeth at home. 
  • Dental professionals can suggest treatments that include dental braces. These are especially helpful for children who suck their thumbs or for adults who may be thrusting their tongue while speaking.
  • Dental bonding is useful if teeth have chipped and the gap needs to be fixed.
  • The answer to ‘how to reduce gaps in teeth’ may lie in using dental veneers. In some cases, porcelain veneers are recommended by dental professionals to help fix chipped teeth. These are thinly shaped, but are sturdy and some can last up to 15 years or more. However, they may resemble teeth and therefore the procedure may be slightly expensive.
  • Crowns or bridges may be required when the gap in front teeth has been caused by gum disease. After the cause of the disease is identified, there is treatment given to the gums to restore gum health. Once this is done, crowns or bridges or braces may be recommended for closing the gap between teeth.
  • Retainers are another way in which dental professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune or any other dental clinic can help patients fix teeth that are misaligned. 

So, since we do want that perfect smile, we all would want to know how to fix the gap between front teeth. These are just a few ways in which dental professionals can help us do this. It’s important not to try to fix the gap on your own, but consult the specialists at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune or any dental clinic that is closest to you.