Dental hygiene is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, one fails to invest even 5 minutes judiciously to take care of chewing bits. To add to the injury, the only time we think of visiting the dentist is one of the dire circumstances of a dental emergency. Next time you are looking for a dentist in Pune, ask them these questions to differentiate between the best and the rest!

Is Your Filling Killing Me?

Filling of teeth is one of the most routine procedures that almost everyone undergoes in their lifetime. However, as with diet, one must be wary of what it might consist of. Traditionally, fillings have been an amalgamation of mercury. These can be hazardous, to say the least. The best dentists in Pune would never use this or any other filling such as the resin with BPA or fluoride-containing glass ionomers.

Can It Remineralize?

Remineralization or reversing of the cavity is a taboo that many dentists shy away from. If the cavity is not that deep and yet to breakthrough the dentin, you may be able to avoid complicated dental procedures. The answer can help you understand how invested is the dentist in your care rather than profit.

Can You Describe What You See?

Such a question may not be taken in the most positive sense since one often takes this conversation to the next dentist for a second opinion. The best dentist in Pune never turn away from such a question because not only an obscure answer will not prevent you from taking consulting someone else, a proper reply bolsters your confidence in their ability to put your health at the forefront.

What is the Status Report on my Dental Hygiene?

The best advice you can receive is not only a rundown on your dental health, but also a discussion on potential pain points down the road if not prevented. The best dentists discuss the current and future threats to your dental health. If your dentist undermines the role of diet, you should look elsewhere.

Do you include Dietary Advice in the Dental Plan?

As we stressed upon earlier, the diet you intake has a phenomenal impact on your teeth. The type of dentists who neglect spreading awareness about the importance of diet only to later blame the patient for neglecting health and even, push unnecessary procedures are the ones we need to run away from, as fast as we can. Best dentists in Pune help you to help yourself and put on a healthy smile.

Are Your Consultation and Treatment Covered under my Insurance?

Like any other medical procedure, it is a must to check if your insurance is accepted at the dentist of your choice. Since a visit to the dentist can result in a dental procedure, one must be prepared. Private insurance companies often list their network of doctors and hospitals and what is covered at a particular practice. This alleviates the pressure on one about the associated fees.

The best dentist in Pune is one that puts your mind at ease. Armed with the right set of questions, you need not be bullied by your dentist into procedures you know little about. These questions will help you identify the best dentist in Pune who cares about your health the most.