Orthodontic treatment is a dental procedure that is carried out to straighten your teeth, move them, in order to improve their appearance and efficiency. It helps to look after your teeth right from a young age, so you don’t have to go through these treatments. Maintaining an orthodontic treatment has many positive long-term effects. It definitely improves the health of your jaw joints, gums, and your teeth.

Many people have the misfortune of being born with crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment by dental clinics in Pune can straighten the teeth or improve their positioning. This improves the appearance and biting efficiency of the teeth. Some people have upper front teeth sticking out. These are more likely to get damaged, but orthodontic treatment by an orthodontist in Pune can move them back in line. When teeth don’t meet correctly, the jaw muscles get strained. The pain can become so bad that it may cause severe headaches. This, too, can be sorted by simple orthodontic procedures.

Following are a few tips that you should keep in mind when maintaining your recent orthodontic treatment:-

1. Clean your teeth
Always clean your teeth before you go to bed, and after you wake up. It isn’t an overstatement to say that this simple practice gives excellent results. Braces are delicate, and it is tedious to clean them. You should clean your braces gently and carefully, to not break them. There are many established dental clinics in Pune that will guide you through the process of cleaning your teeth properly. They will teach you how to take proper care of your braces.

2. Say no to sugar
Sugary drinks and snacks are the devils for somebody who has undergone orthodontic treatment. Any orthodontist in Pune worth his salt would strictly advise you against the intake of sugary drinks or snacks. Fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugar, and people usually forget that fizzy drinks contribute just as much as sugary foods, if not more, in ruining your teeth. You should avoid these also because sugar sticks to your braces. Sugar food, snacks, and sticky food items can ruin your braces very quickly. It is much better to say no to these items instead of having to take another trip to the dental clinics in Pune.

3. Pick the right toothbrush and toothpaste
Braces are gentle. After orthodontic treatment, you can’t subject your teeth to rough treatment. Your orthodontist in Pune may advise you to opt for a stronger fluoride-based toothpaste. You will also be advised to pick a toothbrush that has smoother and gentler bristles. This avoids wearing out or breaking your braces. A flexible toothbrush that can move around and clean corners around your braces is the ideal toothbrush. You don’t want to leave any areas when brushing just because you picked the wrong toothbrush!

4. Professional care
While you engage yourself in the daily care of your teeth, it is a good practice to visit your orthodontist at regular intervals. Once you go through orthodontic treatment, you should make periodic visits to the doctor and get checkups done. This will help you monitor any improvement or degradation in the efficiency, appearance, cleanliness, and location of your teeth.

Do not ignore your teeth, and do not ignore proper medical care for your teeth. Picking an experienced orthodontist in Pune will make the treatment much smoother for you. Properly maintaining your teeth after orthodontic treatment is a must and should be done carefully.