If you have ever had problems with the alignment of your teeth or a tooth chipped, there is a high possibility that you have had braces fitted on your teeth. Braces can help patients restore the beauty of their natural smile. Dental clinics in Pune such as the Sweet Smile Dental Clinic are an excellent option to visit if you or your children or family members want to have braces done. They offer a choice of ceramic and metal braces to solve any misalignment problems patients may have.

What Are Metal Braces?

If you or your family member has ever had to wear braces, there are high chances that you have seen traditional metal braces. The difference between ceramic and metal braces is that these metal braces are made of durable stainless steel. They are useful for straightening teeth among patients. These are small in size and are made up of ligature rubber bands. They have small buttons and at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune, patients can opt for customized metal braces with different colours.

An orthodontist in Pune or any other city will advise metal braces for intensive correction of teeth since they have higher durability. However, metal braces are easily visible and if people are concerned about this, they may look for ceramic braces instead.

What Are Ceramic Braces?

If you have been advised braces but you want them to not be visible on your face, then you have the option of ceramic braces. The difference between ceramic braces and metal braces is that ceramic braces are made of clear material. They can even be coloured to match the appearance of your teeth.

However if you are wondering which braces are best – metal or ceramic, then one factor that is to be kept in mind is durability. Ceramic braces are made of material that is susceptible to chipping or cracking. It can’t withstand extreme pressure and is also therefore a more expensive venture as compared to metal braces.

Let’s find out more about the difference between ceramic braces and metal ones.

What is the Difference Between Ceramic and Metal Braces?

Now orthodontists may recommend braces as a corrective measure for misaligned teeth but patients have the option to choose. Here are a few factors which can help us understand the difference between metal braces and ceramic braces.

1. Visibility

If you are wondering: ‘what is the difference between ceramic and metal braces’ then visibility and aesthetics of your teeth and mouth is one major factor. Metal braces have small, coloured rubber buttons that hold the metal wires of the brace together. Therefore, they are easily visible in the mouth of a patient. Ceramic braces are usually made with clear material so they can’t be seen easily. Hence patients can wear them without drawing attention to their teeth. 

2. Durability

In this aspect, metal braces rule over ceramic ones. They last longer, and can be exposed to greater pressure. Ceramic braces are made of lighter material and are prone to more damage when there is more pressure on them.

3. Price

Because of the materials involved in creating ceramic braces, the cost of ceramic braces goes up higher than simple metal braces. Therefore, the pricing of the orthodontic treatment may be more as compared to when patients opt for metal braces.

These points can now answer the question: what is the difference between metal braces and ceramic braces in a clear manner. The professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic, Pune can offer you the right kind of braces suited for your teeth alignment problems.