In recent months, we have seen how India’s medical professionals have led the fight against Covid-19. Dental Clinics in Pune and other parts of the country have also been involved in their own way, even with the restrictions placed upon them.

As a safety measure during Covid-19 for dental clinics, most of them were asked to stay shut.

The Reasons for This Were:

    • There was a fear of cross-infection that could happen when patients went to visit their dentist in Pune or other parts of the country.
    • Touching surfaces which may have been infected could also be a point of risk, either in dental chair areas or even waiting rooms.

During this time, the dental professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic and many others were able to provide consultancy in the form of ‘teledentistry’ services. If you wanted to talk to your dentist in Pune or anywhere else, you could call him or her and they would help you find a solution. You could find out about this, here.

And now as the lockdown has slowly started to open up, dental clinics in Pune and other parts of the country are keeping these certain safety precautions in mind.

These are the kind of changes that have been implemented at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune post Covid-19

1) Dental professionals working at the clinic have been tested for symptoms of Covid-19 before they begin working.

2) The clinic is mopped thoroughly and at regular intervals to make sure that it is in disinfected properly.

Mopping floor

3) We have made sure that our dental chairs and surrounding areas are sanitized and disinfected because that is where the maximum interaction happens between patients and dental professionals.

Sanitization and Disinfection of Dental Chair and surrounding area

As soon as you enter the premises of Sweet Smile Clinic Pune on your next visit to your dentist in Pimpri-Chinchwad, you’ll be greeted by the following safety precautions:

1) Hand sanitizers have been placed at the entrance so that every visitor is properly sanitized and disinfected.

Sanitizer stand at entrance of clinic

2) An important safety measure during Covid-19 for dental clinics includes checking temperature and pulse and oxygen saturation to ensure each visitor’s safety.

Temperature Pulse and Oxygen Saturation are checked for every visitor

3) From the waiting rooms to the operatory areas, Sweet Smile Clinic Pune has installed Hepa air purifiers to ensure proper air quality for all visitors.

Hepa Air Purifier in Waiting areaMedical grade Hepa and UV air purifiers in each operatory

4) Masks, gloves, protective suits and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) have been made mandatory for dental professionals as a safety precaution during Covid-19 times for dental clinics. You have been encouraged to wear masks for your protection too and the professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune.

PPE kits used by Doctor and assistants

When you visit your dentist in Pimpri- Chinchwad, you will be able to notice that safety precautions have been kept in mind. At Sweet Smile Clinic Pune, we want to make sure that patients feel safe, secure and at ease. So, you can be assured of a peaceful and healthy experience.