Sometimes biting into your favourite food may not be as appetizing as it is painful. Imagine you have a dental cavity that has not been treated for years and the tooth has decayed over time. So, when it comes in contact with something and hurts, it may affect the nerves connected to your teeth and you would require a root canal treatment. The cost for a root canal treatment in Pune can vary, and the experts at Sweet Smile Dental Clinic can help you find the right treatment at the right price.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment refers to a procedure where infection-prone contents of teeth and its roots are removed surgically. The space that is left is filled with material that can prevent any infection to the teeth. This helps maintain the vitality of the infected part of the teeth.

The inner part of the tooth, which is made of nerves and vessel pulp, is the one that is affected by root canal surgery. The root canal dentist removes this pulp, cleans the inside and then seals the cavity that was created. In the end, a tooth cap is placed first a temporary one and then a permanent one to ensure that no infections occur.

Why is a Root Canal Treatment Done?

This procedure can help solve the problem of decaying tooth pulp. If this is not treated, there can be more damage that can occur to your tooth. A pus-filled pocket may cause swelling and cause an infection that may spread. Therefore it is a must to get a root canal operation.

What Happens After a Root Canal Treatment?

Unlike before, these days, a root canal can be a painless procedure. It is very similar to getting your teeth filled. A root canal dentist may use anesthesia to numb the area to deaden the pain during the process.

For a few days after the procedure, you may feel a little sensitive in the area. This is because the tissue around the gums may still be swollen. In some cases, the root canal dentist may not have smoothed down the temporary filling, and the patient may feel a stinging pain when biting.

When Does the Pain after a Root Canal Surgery Go Away?

In most cases, a successful root canal treatment will cause mild pain for a few days. Practicing good oral hygiene can help make the pain go away sooner. If the pain lasts longer than a few days, then it is good to see a root canal treatment dentist in Pune who can help with medications.

An important thing to do is to avoid chewing hard food following the root canal treatment since this may cause pain. This helps in reducing the recovery period and, therefore will be beneficial for you.

The dental experts at Sweet Smile Clinic will provide the right kind of root canal treatment to help your infected teeth recover as soon as possible.