As India and the world slowly come to terms with today’s changing times, connectivity has become even more vital! Plus, technology has made it possible for people to work from their homes and to keep their operations running, which is unfortunately not the case for dental clinics in Pune and other cities.

As our medical fraternity battles Covid-19, trying to save lives all over, other medical practitioners such as dentists have been asked to keep their clinics shut.

There may be a good dentist in Pune or any other city that you may want to visit at this time in case you feel you need dental treatment. However, you won’t be able to physically see them since a dental procedure may increase the chances of transmitting the virus. Dental professionals are now using this opportunity to the fullest by using technological advancements such as Tele-dentistry.

What is Tele-dentistry?

If you ask your local dentist in Pune or other parts of the country about how they are managing during this pandemic, most of these dental professionals will tell you: through Tele-dentistry. By combining telecommunication technology (such as video and audio) with the power of the internet, dentists can now offer consultation through this form known as Tele-dentistry.

How does Tele-dentistry work?

You may be complaining of pain in your tooth, gums, or you may have other, similar difficulties. All you have to do is make a call to a good dentist in Pune or anywhere else. Your dentist will use his or her laptop and smartphone and try to see vulnerable patients in the safety of the patients’ homes. People could send pictures or connect on video calls to get the right kind of consultation.

What are the advantages of Tele-dentistry?

  • You can easily get your symptoms checked, or queries answered.
  • From bleeding of gums to unbearable toothaches, your dentist in Pune can address any of these issues or whatever part of the country you are residing in.
  • Neither patients nor dental professionals are exposed to the risks of getting infected by Covid-19, thanks to this procedure.

What are the constraints of Tele-dentistry?

  • India being a vast country, has not embraced technology in all its sectors.
  • Internet connectivity gets affected even in the most urban of centers.
  • Some patients may not be comfortable using smartphones or laptop webcams to show their symptoms.
  • Emergency cases may not be entirely helped through this form.