When you have a tooth that may be decayed or needs to be saved, a root canal treatment may be suggested to you. However, you must be aware that there may be complications that arise which are basically root canal infection symptoms.

A dentist in Pune or any city you are staying in will inform you that there are few chances of such infections to occur. But they can happen to some patients and you should watch out for the signs of infection after the root canal.

Why Do We Need a Root Canal?

There are a number of reasons why a patient may require to undergo a root canal procedure.

  1. Some patients may have infection or inflammation of soft tissue in their teeth
  2. Tooth decay or a crack or a chip in the tooth may cause this infection
  3. Some dental procedures such as a dental crown may not be working properly
  4. There may be many procedures having been performed on the patient’s tooth and that can cause pressure to the tooth or gum
  5. In such cases you may be suggested a root canal treatment Pune or whichever city you are in.

Root Canal Infection Symptoms

Some patients however may have an infection after root canal procedure. There are a number of symptoms that can be noticed in such patients.

  1. Patients complain of root canal infection pain that keeps going especially when biting on food.
  2. There may be a swelling in the tooth which does not feel normal.
  3. The patient’s tooth may feel too tender.
  4. Patients may be extremely sensitive to very hot or very cold food or beverages.
  5. There may be a colouration or darkening of the tooth.
  6. An infection in the jaw after root canal procedures may also lead to a foul odour emanating from the tooth cavity.

Causes of Infection After a Root Canal

Infection under the tooth after a root canal can occur because of these reasons:

  • A root canal procedure involves adding a permanent crown to the tooth, but it may have been placed on the tooth at a delayed point of time. This will lead to re-infection of the tooth.
  • When the filling was placed on a patient’s tooth, the original seal may not have been sufficient enough to prevent contamination from bacteria that have caused this infection.

What Can be Done?

Yes, root canal treatments may lead to certain infections and pain for patients. But rest assured that the professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune or other dental professionals will be able to guide you through a way to improve your tooth and gum health post such a procedure. Here are a few things that can be done:-

  1. Although there may be gum infection after root canal treatment or a re-infection to the tooth, the treatment will not have long-lasting problems.
  2. Your dentist may suggest a second root canal to solve this problem.
  3. In some cases, a surgical procedure may be used to treat an infected root canal extraction.

Therefore, root canal procedures can in some cases lead to complications. However, the professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune will enable you to get the right kind of treatment so that this problem does not occur.