The field of dentistry undergoing constant transformation due to changes in population demographics, consumer rights and policies. However, such changes bring new challenges for dentists in Pimpri Chinchwad and their practices. How do you stay relevant in the evolving world of medical services?

Ageing Population

As people age, their bodies change. Everything from bone structure to gum ridges in the mouth transforms. Since mouths tend to shrink with age, they can lead to loose dentures, edentulism, dry mouth cavities, periodontal disease, and at times oral cancer. As a dentist, it is challenging to explain to the patients how to maintain oral health and inform that their insurance that Medicare does not cover all categories of dental expenses.

Population Diversity and Needs

To address a different set of the population, oral healthcare programs and education must be made mandatory.

Working-Age Adults

Escalating costs of dental treatments, limited insurance options and lack of acceptance of public coverage have created significant problems for working adults.

Ensuring Patient Satisfaction

Ensuring patient is imperative among dentists. One of the primary reasons for the difference in patient satisfaction between two dental practices is the dentist’s focus on communication.
In dentistry, it is challenging for a dentist to explain his patients the following:

  • Potential complications in dental surgeries for new prescribed treatments
  • Alterations in the fee schedule
  • Dentist’s availability to perform the procedures

New Treatment Options

According to the dentists in Pimpri Chinchwad, improving relationships with your patients is a meaningful way to grow your practice – however challenging it may seem.

Balancing Appointments Carefully

On an average no-show rate for dental clinics ranges between 16% and 20%. Dentists must book different appointments to make sure their patients are seen. If they overbook, they might lose patience. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by almost every dental practice. Dentist in Pimpri Chinchwad needs to make data-based decisions on no-show rates and book appointments carefully. They must also ensure that their receptionists follow the same very carefully.

Managing Accounts Receivable

Patients often pay late. In case of a significant surgery, it can be managed.

However, late payments can create problems in dental practice. Dentists can’t afford giving patients too much leeway, hence it’s essential to have a strict, but the reasonable policy on clear overdue.

These are some of the challenges faced by dentists in Pimpri Chinchwad with their patients.

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