When one faces problems with the structure of the jaw of the teeth, it leads to a plethora of problems, such as visual difficulties, issues related to speech, wearing down of enamel, and also injury to the joints of one’s jaw. It is mandatory to treat these issues early on to avoid serious problems later in life. Some of the most common orthodontic problems in children are;

1) Overbite

This is a condition where the upper teeth expand over the lower teeth, negatively affecting the bite. Did you know? Overbites make up to nearly 70% of dental problems amongst children. Today, however, there are several treatments available to rectify this issue early on. All you need to do is take your child to the best orthodontist in Pune.

2) Open Bite

This is a condition where the front of the upper and the lower teeth don’t align accordingly. And, it leads to incorrect chewing. The best orthodontist in Pune will recommend the appropriate treatments accordingly. These include; behavior modification, braces, or surgery.

3) Upper Front Teeth Protrusion 

When either the upper teeth extend too much or not enough, it hampers the functioning and even the look of the jaw. As soon as the symptoms of the conditions start showing, it is important to visit the best orthodontist in Pune to get it rectified. Braces are one of the most preferred types of treatment when it comes to this condition.

4) Crossbite

When your lower teeth go beyond the upper teeth, it causes a color change in the teeth and even misaligned jaw. Your dentist may recommend braces or surgery to treat this condition.

5) Crowding  

Sometimes when there is not enough space in the mouth, the teeth are unable to make its way out of the gums like it is supposed to. Here, tooth extraction becomes necessary or your dentist may even perform an expansion.

6) Mismatched Dental midlines  

When your back bite doesn’t match the front, there might be an issue with dental or jaw function. Thus, when you notice the first symptoms, you must visit your dentist immediately

7) Abnormal Eruption

An abnormal eruption is a condition when the tooth starts coming out through the gums but from an incorrect position. If the tooth doesn’t fully grow like it is supposed to, your dentist might recommend minor surgery to treat the same.

8) Spacing Issue

We all prefer having a flawless smile. But sometimes, the little gaps between the teeth start making us conscious about them and decrease our confidence. However, instead of neglecting it, you must visit the best orthodontist in Pune to get it rectified.

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