So you underwent a root canal procedure to treat your infected teeth. The job is not over though! It is essential that you know how to take care of your teeth after the procedure. Many dentists, well known for root canal treatment in Pune offer following tips:

  1. Do not eat with the treated teeth: As obvious as it sounds, one may unconsciously start eating with the tooth as soon as the procedure is done. Avoid that even if the area is numb. In fact avoid using that side of the mouth at least till 24 hours post-procedure. Also, avoid extra cold or extra spicy food.
  2. Take the prescribed medication: Dentists often prescribe pain relievers after the root canal treatment. Do not ignore those medications, now that the infected tooth is treated.
  3. Warm mouthwash: using a mild mouthwash mixed in lukewarm water is often suggested by the dentists. If not mouthwash, mix salt in lukewarm water and wash your mouth with this solution, immediately following the procedure. As the dental nerves have been exposed and handled during the procedure, they may be sensitive. This reduces the sensitivity of your nerve endings reducing the possible pain.
  4. Holistic care of your teeth: Teeth suffer great damages with unhealthy eating habits, smoking or chewing tobacco. Avoiding smoking in general is of course great, but if that is impossible, do not smoke at least a couple of days after the procedure as it hinders the healing process. Regularly brushing teeth, or flossing is essential to maintain your dental health. Since you have invested in your teeth by paying the root canal treatment cost in Pune, Delhi or any other town, you might as well take good care of them!
  5. Visit the dentist regularly: Do not forget your dentist the moment your procedure is done. Dental issues can crop up even after taking care of your teeth. Do visit your dentist regularly and have a thorough check-up of the pearly whites, to ensure optimum dental health. A dental visit every six months is recommended.

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