Have you had braces before when you were a child? The answer could be yes, or no. However, these days it is very clear that the question: “what is the right age to get braces?” can be answered with ‘any age’.

Most parents know that their children may need to have braces at a young age. Some children have chipped or crooked teeth, especially when they lose their milk teeth. The shape of their mouths change and permanent teeth start to appear and therefore it is important for children and their parents to visit the best orthodontist in Pune or whichever city they are residing in, to find out if they are to get braces or not.

As a parent, do you wonder, what is the best age to get braces? Some children may need to visit their orthodontist at age 6, some at age 10. The specialists at Sweet Smile Clinic Pune would be able to recommend the best age for braces and even different types of braces:

  • Metal braces
  • Invisible braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Inspire Brand braces

However, there is no age limit to getting braces. The best age for orthodontic treatment can even be just less than 18 years. Usually it is said when permanent teeth start to come in but adults may also have missing and crooked teeth and therefore can go in for braces.

Are Braces for Children Different from Those for Teens or Adults?

  • The best age for orthodontics can be any age at all.
  • Braces are specifically crafted to each individual’s mouth. Therefore, the size, shape and material used in each kind of braces is unique. This is done in relation to the amount of space in the mouth of the patient, be it a child, a teenager or an adult.
  • More than thinking about the best age for braces teeth, it is important to note that there are different psychological reactions from children as compared to teenagers and adults to the actual process of getting braces.
  • Teenagers are usually more self-conscious about their looks and therefore invisible braces or ceramic braces may be preferred by them since they blend in with the teeth.

Do Braces Cost More at a Certain Age?

  • The process of getting braces involves finding the best orthodontist in Pune or whichever city you residing in and finding out what is the right age to get braces.
  • The best age for orthodontics can be any age, so after the initial consultation the kind of braces will be recommended.
  • The amount of adjustment required and the amount of time that your child needs to wear braces determines the cost of the treatment.
  • The best age for orthodontic treatment is when children are about 6-7 years old. Because a child’s teeth move and are able to adjust better as compared to that of teenagers or adults. Therefore the time taken for braces to be effective is lesser.
  • The best age for braces teeth is when you are a child, because adults also have gum problems to take care of. Therefore as an adult, it is likely that braces will cost more.

Are you still thinking about ‘what is the best age to get braces’? The best age for braces can be any age, however it is more prevalent in children who are near the age of 7 and have just had their permanent teeth come in. The professionals at Sweet Smile Clinic can provide the best facilities for your child’s treatment.