A root canal treatment refers to a dental procedure that is aimed at saving a severely infected and decaying tooth. Imagine a situation when a dental cavity has not been treated for several years. Maybe the hole didn’t cause much pain, or you were scared of visiting the dentist. Either way, the tooth keeps decaying over time. The condition only worsens. The last chance of saving your tooth is a root canal treatment Pune. Sweet Smile dental can help you know more about all types of dental procedures and treatment ideas.

What happens in a root canal process?

The human teeth structure is made of several nerves and blood vessels. Though the tooth exterior looks hard and white, the inner side is made of a nerve and vessel pulp. When this pulp is damaged, it needs to be removed immediately. Thus, a root canal treatment helps to eliminate this pulp, clean the inside, and seal the hole again. The last stage of the root canal procedure is to do a tooth capping so that there is the least scope of any more infections or root canal decay.

What happens if you do not opt for a root canal?

Several people fear that root canal treatment can be excruciating. But, have you wondered what happens if you do not opt for one? Find out the most common reasons why you need a root canal treatment immediately if the tooth pulp is decaying.

  • Decaying tooth pulp can lead to more internal damage. The bacteria keeps going deeper into the jaw interiors and may cause widespread damage in the adjoining teeth. An infection or pus-formation may be a direct result.
  • pus-filled pockets can also cause swelling in the affected region. If you experience sharp pain when eating something hot or cold, or chewing hard food or anything at all, you know that a root canal treatment is your sole option.
  • Drainage problems are a leading cause of root canal treatment. Deposits in the skin are dangerous and may cause widespread infection. There may be swelling around the jaws and neck.

Is root canal treatment painful?

One of the most common questions that patients ask is whether a root canal treatment is painful. Unlike the past days, when medical science had not developed, the root canal procedure is not painful now. It feels like regular teeth filling process. Though the cleaning may sometimes send shivers, it is momentary, and most dentists use anesthesia to numb the affected area. The entire process may take two to three appointments, based on the condition of your teeth. The root canal treatment cost in Pune is quite reasonable and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

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