Finding a dentist in Chinchwad is easy. But finding a good dentist can be daunting. Should you choose the dentist based on his experience? Or location? Or simply, if his office is beautiful? There many factors that play a vital role in what makes a good dentist. Let’s look at 6 qualities that would certify your doctor as the right dentist in Chinchwad.

1) A Good Dentist Is Patient and a Very Good Listener
A well experienced dentist will listen to your concerns and address them with patience. More importantly, he’ll address all your dental problem in your context only. Do you suffer from stress/ anxiety? Do you have a tiresome family/work schedule? Are your financial resources limited? He will craft a plan that would ease your panic and address your tooth problems.

2) A Good Dentist in Chinchwad Will Educate You About Oral Care

Your dentist should be able to explain denture issues in simple terms. Any concerns conveyed in a meaningful way and tips are really helpful for a patient.

If dental treatment is recommended, a well experienced dentist in Chinchwad will explain reasons why it’s suggested, what is the procedure, and list pointers to avoid problems from arising again.

3) A Good Dentist Will Empathize With Your Pain
Everyone is scared of shots. A dentist who would use pre-numbing gel can make any shot feel less painful. A well experienced dentist will have a sound knowledge of all the methods which will relieve your pain or make it pain-free.

4) A Good Dentist Will Save You Money
Insurance companies love to play tricks when it comes to dental treatments, but a well experienced dentist in Chinchwad like Dr.Bhirud will try to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. The dentist’s office will offer a variety of payment plans in case you need one for an expensive dental treatment.

5) A Good Dentist Will Always Be Available
A good dentist will try to accommodate your schedule by keeping flexible hours to fit your busy schedule, i.e. before and/or after work.

6) A Good Dentist Is Conservative
A well experienced dentist in Chinchwad takes a conservative approach. Not every tooth with a small crack needs a crown, not every crooked tooth needs a veneer, and in some cases, not all cavities need a filing. An open dialogue between you and the dentist is key to understanding what is best for you.