Endodontists are dental specialists who deal fundamentally with root canal swelling and infection, generally arising inside the tooth (pulp) and surrounding tissues. Losing a tooth can cause heaps of complications such as pain over time, difficulty in chewing and speaking, and jaw bone loss. An endodontist increases the chances of keeping a tooth intact by flawless root canaling methods via root canal treatment Pune.

Who doesn’t love a charming smile and a healthy set of teeth? But with the lazy mouth hygiene habits and bad eating habits make this a dream for most people. There are billions of bacteria residing inside your mouth right now while you are reading this blog unless you are brushing and reading at the same time. Many of these bacteria build-up to cause dental cavities and later more gum problems.

According to the suggestion of one of the best dental clinics in Pune Sweet Smile, it’s better to treat the cavity as soon as possible before it affects its surrounding gums. There are generally three treatments for teeth cavities: Drill & fill method, root canal treatment, and tooth extraction. These procedures are recommended according to the increasing cavity seriousness, respectively.

Drill and Fill method:
This procedure is performed when the cavity is detected at its initial stage. The cavity is not able to penetrate the enamel and affect the pulp. The bacteria inside the cavity are drilled out and filled with artificial tooth cement to shield it from external damage.

Root Canal Treatment Pune:
Sweet Smile root canal treatment Pune is done with a success rate of 98 percent. This procedure is performed when the pulp (the deepest layer of the tooth) is critically diseased or damaged, or perhaps even dead. However, the rest of the tooth or the enamel will still need to be in a stable enough condition to remain in your mouth.

Once the affected area can be accessed, the pulp (nerve) will be cleared out by a dentist or an endodontist, and the canal will be thoroughly cleaned. The dentist uses specially shaped files to clean out the root canals. Then the hollow pulp and root canals are carefully disinfected. The canal is filled and sealed, and the void created to reach the root canal will be covered with an artificial filling called Gutta-percha.

Tooth Extraction
In case the dentist concludes that there is nothing that can be done to restore a tooth, dental clinics in Pune, such as Sweet Smile, recommends the extraction of that tooth. The same numbing method is used, and the targeted tooth is pulled out. It may sound vicious, but it’s almost painless with the local anesthesia used.

So what’s the role of an endodontist and why an endodontist should perform a root canal treatment?

Well, endodontists are dental specialists who deal fundamentally with root canal swelling and infection, generally arising inside the tooth (pulp) and surrounding tissues. According to a professional dental survey, mending teeth is preferred than a tooth extraction due to several implications such as:

  1. The gap that is left behind after a tooth is plucked could become painful over time. That’s because the teeth around that vacant space could end up shifting out of place.
  2. You might end up experiencing difficulty in chewing or speaking because you won’t have all of your teeth.
  3. Possibility of bone loss.
  4. The root canal method being cheaper than a tooth extraction procedure.

The dental clinics in Pune will tell you that endodontists can help you better in diagnosing and suggesting the right procedure. Owing to their professionalism in a particular dental case, the success rate for root canal treatment is much higher by any ordinary dentist.