Oral health is a much-neglected topic in India. Statistics have revealed that more than half of the Indian population suffers from dental problems. In spite of that, we remain apathetic to oral hygiene. Such neglect gives rise to dental problems such as dental caries, tooth decay, and gum problems, among others.

 We are all familiar with the advertisements showcasing different kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash. These advertisements are usually creative enough to catch our attention and linger in our minds. In spite of that, they don’t seem to be able to drive home the message that oral hygiene is crucial. So, this begs the question of why Indians neglect oral health.

 Oral health does not mean going for a dental checkup just twice in one’s life. Below are the reasons why Indians are so apathetic to oral hygiene.

 General health is considered an indicator of overall health. This way, we have robbed oral health of its importance. There are numerous dental clinics in Pune telling you otherwise. It’s high time we listen to the experts and follow their advice religiously.

  • We have, somehow, convinced ourselves that any visit to the dentist would end up being excruciating. This baseless fear has been keeping many an Indian from the much-needed visit to the dentist.
  • Indians have convinced themselves that irrespective of the requirement, dentists always recommend a tooth extraction. Thus, we wait long enough for our problems to warrant a tooth extraction. In this, we forget that dental clinics in Pune and pretty much all over India are well-equipped to handle minor issues without requiring surgery.
  • Myths such as the loss of eyesight being a consequence of dental treatments have also stopped their fair share of people from going for a dental checkup. We, Indians, tend to get creative with our myths. If only we were as diligent in debunking them.
  • Our blind trust in herb and alum mouth rinses has also been a significant reason for our downfall. Irrespective of the problem, we tend to treat it with remedies that do not address the infection. Gradually the infection spreads all over, causing long-lasting damage.
  • One feature that we will find all over India is the lack of flossing. Although people in different parts of India may have various excuses for not going to the dentist, yet we are all united by our indifference to flossing. We’ll instead use toothpicks and pins, and risk an infection than use a floss. 
  • Not paying attention to our teeth and gums while brushing is something we are all guilty of. Bleeding gums and dental caries are some of the most common problems among Indians. So, the next time you feel something’s off with your oral health, rush to any of the dental clinics in Pune, and get yourself checked.
  • A common misconception among Indians is that milk teeth do not require treatment. They are going to fall off anyway. But, by ignoring problems in our milk teeth, we ultimately pave the way for graver problems in our permanent teeth.

 Combine all the above reasons with continuous consumption of tobacco and betel, and you will understand why so many Indians have dental and oral diseases.