Wisdom tooth extraction has almost become a routine procedure nowadays. But, recovering from this surgery can be a harrowing experience for some. There are several things one needs to plan to ensure that they recover from this surgery without any hiccups. This article delves into how one can monitor their diet and habits to avoid complications post-surgery.

Are you planning on getting your wisdom teeth extracted? Wisdom tooth extraction surgery has become a standard procedure, and people still face problems post-surgery. So, to help you recover smoothly, we have enlisted certain do’s and don’ts below.

    • Select your clinic wisely.

When you go for this procedure, you need to be able to trust your dentist. But, how can you trust him/her when you have read all sorts of bad reviews online? So, we recommend you do your research and choose from one of the best dental clinics in Pune. Once you believe that you are in safe hands, half the job is done.

    • Take care of the bleeding and swelling

The first things that you will notice after the surgery are bleeding and swelling. To staunch the blood flow, we recommend using a gauze pad. If you experience heavy flow, put some pressure on the gauze by using your finger or bite down on the gauze pad. This has to be done consistently for 30 minutes.
Some of the dental clinics in Pune also provide moistened tea bags as an alternative to the gauze pad. The tannic acid in the tea leaves staunch the blood flow by constricting your blood vessels.
Next, you’ll need to take care of the swelling. This will take up to two days. For the swelling, apply either an ice pack or warm, moist compress, as suggested by your dentist.

    • Look before you eat

Post-surgery, your priority should be to stop the blood flow. Once it ends, your mouth will begin to feel dry and sore. So, your next order of business is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of warm or cold fluids.
Ask your dentist to prescribe you a diet plan and follow it rigorously. Usually, dentists recommend clear liquids and soft solids for a few days after the surgery. Also, hard and chewy solids are to be avoided. Anything that can stick to your teeth is a strict no-no. Also, ask your dentist when you can resume a regular diet.

    • Medications and oral hygiene

Do not rinse your mouth just after the surgery. Doing so may remove the blood clot and cause a dry socket. Even while brushing, try to avoid the region of surgery. After 12 hours of operation, use a mild mouthwash or, a saltwater rinse. Also avoid spitting, smoking, and blowing your nose while recovering. Take maximum rest and allow yourself to heal. Follow any medications that your dentist recommends.

    • Don’t hesitate to follow up

The swelling and pain should subside each day. If there is an increase in these symptoms, then we recommend you to follow up with your dentist. There are many dental clinics in Pune that provide affordable surgery and follow up packages. So, you need to choose wisely.

Your dentist is well-equipped to help you through the recovery process. So, adhere to his/her instructions and ensure a smooth recovery.